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Working with distributors, producers, festivals and filmmakers from the U.S. and around the world, Mistral Artist specializes in high-caliber subtitling that allows movies to cross linguistic and cultural barriers.

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Subtitling helps films reach across cultural and linguistic frontiers to reach new audiences, breaking down barriers and deepening understanding between peoples. Mistral Artist, taking over in the footsteps of LVT-New York as of March 1, 2014, continues our high-caliber work on American films going to festivals around the world as well as on a variety of international films coming to North America. In addition, we do quality captioning on an assortment of works for television, for cable and mobile devices. Working in tandem with Chromavision Labs, we are also able to manufacture subtitled DCPs and ProRes drives as well as subtitled BluRays and DVDs. Contact Mistral Artist for a free estimate by e-mail.

Steps in the Subtitling/Captioning process:

1) We gather all the elements together, script, dialogue list, video reference file(s);

2) We estimate work involved, including transcription, spotting, translation and simulation, as well as the project's turnaround schedule;

3) Client gives us green light to commence job, and approves frame-accurate spotting list, which is backbone of the job;

4) Client receives updates on our progress and quicktime proof(s) of the work playing with final version of subtitles;

5) Delivery of approved subtitle or caption file(s) in specific file format request, or of subtitled DCP, ProRes drive, BluRay or DVD;

6) Backup of all files in order to economize on future subtitle versions.