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Supporting and encouraging a select group of authors, playwrights, screenwriters, directors, photographers and performers, Mistral Artist is both agent and catalyst for artist expression.


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Artist Representation

Mistral Artist Management
represents the following creative talent:
Maria de Medeiros, Actor/Director
Samuel Fuller, Author
Lloyd Kaufman, Author
Nathan Sanders, Playwright
Jack Baxter, Screenwriter/Author
Joshua Faudem, Screenwriter/Author
Brandon Cole, Author
Cat Gwynn, Photographer
Nicole Bettauer, Author
Laurent Tirard, Author
Elizabeth Puccini, Screenwriter
James Ryan, Author
Geneviève Gleize, Photographer
Floanne Ankah, Performer
Ken Kimmelman, Animated Filmmaker
Mark Feinsod, Writer/Director
Tamar Simon Hoffs, Writer/Director
Hannah Reimann, Performer
Leah Guy, TV Personality & Health Expert
  Seraphina Nova, playwright/screenwriter